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Deluxe Aquabanas™ Range - Le Picnic Bana™

Deluxe Aquabanas™ Range - Le Picnic Bana™

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The Bana Picnic ™ offers people an incredible way to experience a day on the water. Includes a Bana BT180-1 tent for shade, plus additional deck space for sunbathing.

Comfortably accommodates up to 12 adults.

Standard features include:

a BanaGrip™ non-slip deck surface, inflatable backrests, cooler cutout, quick access, removable footrests and a rock-solid 86-inch long inflatable deck.

There are also ballast bags for added stability and several solid anchor points underneath.

Create personalized systems on the water with the standardized connection system found on all AquaBanas products ™.

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