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Deluxe Aquabanas Range - Transitional Bana™

Deluxe Aquabanas Range - Transitional Bana™

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Use a transition Bana to connect your different Aquabanas elements together;

3 models available:

The 250 - 340 X 250 X 70CM

The 340 - 340 X 340 X 70 CM

The 340QS - 340 X 340 X 70 CM (with step access)


  • Bana non-slip surface ™Grip
  • Ballast bags for unrivaled stability
  • Drop stitch construction to maintain item shape and provide stability
  • Hot air welded or bonded construction for optimal durability
  • Anchor and mooring points underneath
  • Standardized connections provide unlimited modularity and customization

Further information
This Bana ™ is part of our line of standard construction inflatables and is used to create a distance between the deck of your boat or dock and the inflatable(s). They can also connect water park systems from most major manufacturers. As a bonus, the Transition Bana ™ has plenty of space for sunbathing, yoga and other activities.

The Bana Transition ™ is designed with fittings in all the right places, can be customized with quick step access and comes with a series of D-rings to connect to various main inflatable systems. Escape the scorching sun and add a Bana tent using the connection rings on the top of the deck!

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