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Deluxe Aquabanas™ Range - The Mega Lounger™

Deluxe Aquabanas™ Range - The Mega Lounger™

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The Mega Lounger™ is a commercial lounger that stands at a whopping 132" wide, can comfortably accommodate up to 6 adults, while sitting firmly on it.

The unit is designed to fit all Aquabanas™ modules thanks to the connection modules, or it can be placed on the beach as well as floating freely on the water. Talk about versatility! You can adjust the pressure for absolute comfort on this incredibly strong and stable inflatable. Suitable for more than 6 people.

Includes: Connector Kit (1 - Spacer Cap Flap, 10 - #316
SS quick link connectors, 2 chain wraps) for use when connecting to any Bana™, storage wrap and repair kit. Pump sold separately.

• Hot air welded or glued for optimal durability
• Ergonomic, relaxed design for all-day comfort
• 4 handles for easy positioning
• Anchor and mooring points underneath
• Standardized connections provide unlimited modularity and customization
• Can be used on land or in water

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