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Aquabanas™ Recreational Range - The Shindig Bana™

Aquabanas™ Recreational Range - The Shindig Bana™

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The first Shindig Bana of its kind will have you spending time on the water with your friends in a whole new way.

Small enough to fit in most backyard pools, yet large enough to be visible on sandbars, lakesides or launched straight from your boat.

Commercial construction features in a small footprint with quick step, rock solid table, mesh footwell and 2 ballast bags for stability.

Add a Bana tent for some shade. Can accommodate up to 6 adults on a surface area of ​​96″ x 96″.

  • BanaGrip non-slip surface
  • Ballast bags for unrivaled stability
  • Drop stitch construction to maintain item shape and provide stability
  • Hot air welded or bonded construction for optimal durability
  • Mesh foot spaces to separate wildlife and guests, as well as protect against lost items
  • Quick walk for easy boarding from the water
  • Anchor and mooring points underneath
  • Velcro flaps to connect Banas for unlimited modularity and customization

The Shindig's table top is large enough to comfortably hold your appetizers and cocktails without having to worry about it tilting or falling. There is also ample space on deck to relax, exercise or sunbathe with friends and family.

Add this Bana to your pool, beach day, garden or yacht for the ultimate waterside experience.

This commercial grade product can easily be connected to other AquaBanas products to create islands or add more seating. We recommend pitching a Bana tent for more shade and sun protection.

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