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Deluxe Aquabanas™ Range - The POP 3 Pool

Deluxe Aquabanas™ Range - The POP 3 Pool

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Take a refreshing dip in our POP 3 floating pool while enjoying a day on your boat, on the water or your luxury yacht. Deploying and removing a pool from your boat or shed can be difficult, but the POP 3 is designed to simplify the entire experience with easy installation, removal and storage.

Product specifications

  • Weight: 470 lbs (213 kg)
  • Stored: 48" x 40" x 54" (122 cm x 102 cm x 137 cm)
  • Inflated: 315" x 268" x 96" (800 cm x 680 cm x 244 cm)


  • BanaGrip non-slip surface
  • Made in 3 pieces for easy handling
  • Drop stitch construction to maintain item shape and provide stability
  • Hot air welded or glued for optimal durability
  • Low profile Quick Step for easy boarding from the water
  • Anchor and mooring points underneath
  • Standardized connections provide unlimited modularity and customization
  • Removable jellyfish net with mesh bags (marine weights for bags are not included)
  • Designed for yachts and resorts

Further information
The POP 3 has an innovative design that divides the inflatable pool into three manageable parts, making it much easier to handle. Our pool system is easy to assemble, pack and can be stored in separate locations for maximum convenience.

This product can also serve as a base piece for AquaBanas waterside systems; The high-quality frame design provides unrivaled support for AquaBanas decks with various applications including floating bars and restaurants. We ship the POP 3 floating pool in five parts on a pallet including pool deck A, pool deck B, removable net, Bravo 2000 pump and hose kit.

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