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Super glossy / Gloss reviver (box of 4 4 liter bottles)

Super glossy / Gloss reviver (box of 4 4 liter bottles)

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Super Glossy is our next generation ceramic-based gloss enhancer. With its unique blend of ceramic and polymers, it is the essential product for those who want to better protect and give shine to their inflatable games.

This new formula will also allow you to protect your games for up to 3 months. This way your equipment will have a bright look and will be less likely to

This product will provide hydrophobicity to your equipment. The latter will prevent dust and various contaminants from lodging on your equipment and will facilitate future maintenance.

In addition to being ultra easy to use, Super Glossy can be applied to all types of exterior surfaces. It is the ideal product to extend the protection of your inflatable equipment in addition to considerably reinforcing the hydrophobic effect.

How to use it :

  1. Before starting, shake the bottle of Super Glossy well;
  2. Spray on desired surface;
  3. Spread with a clean cloth;
  4. Wipe with another clean cloth.

NB: Super Glossy can also be used on a damp surface.

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