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Super wax / Wax (box of 4 4 liter bottles)

Super wax / Wax (box of 4 4 liter bottles)

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Super Wax, our new generation quick wax based on ceramic, is the quickest, easiest and most effective protection solution for your equipment.

This spray wax will offer your slides protection that can last up to 3 months thanks to its mixture of ceramic and polymers. In addition to being applied in a snap, Super Wax will leave the surface of your game smooth, soft to the touch and shiny as never before, in addition to offering protection against premature wear of your sliding surface.

How to use it :

1) Before starting, make sure the surfaces are clean and dry.

2) Spray Super wax twice on the surface of the slide starting at the top;

3) Spread with a clean cloth

4) Wipe with another clean cloth.

NB: Super Wax can also be applied when your game is wet

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