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THE MALIBU - Aquabanas™ Station for 30 people

THE MALIBU - Aquabanas™ Station for 30 people

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The Malibu system is spaced out and allows you to accommodate on the water: your VIPs, your partners, your customers, your entertainment, your event, the dance floor, a rest station, whatever the objective, you are sure to make people talk about you!

The MALIBU station is...

more living space
and a little privacy. It includes a swimming pool and can comfortably accommodate up to 30 adults!

The station included:

1 POP 3 Resort Pool, 4 Mega Loungers, 1 PWC Extreme, 1 Party Bana, 1 BT120 Tent, 1 Picnic Bana, 1 BT180-1 Tent and 1 Walkway

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