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THE SANCTUARY - Aquabanas™ Station for 45 people

THE SANCTUARY - Aquabanas™ Station for 45 people

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THE SANCTUARY system is spaced out and allows you to welcome on the water: your VIPs, your partners, your customers, your entertainment, your event, the dance floor, a rest station, whatever the objective , you are sure to get people talking about you!

The AquaBanas ™ can transform any waterfront area into a new source of income thanks to their uniqueness and high capacity.

Customers rave about the experience and spend money to rent them, as well as money for food and drinks while they're on them.

AquaBanas ™ offers a large inventory of products that can be delivered quickly and installed at your waterfront, or a custom system can be designed with your company logo and color palette of your choice.


  • 3 Mega Loungers (Connector Kit included)
  • 3 Picnic Banas with BT180-1 Tents
  • 2 Transition Bana 550QS
  • 4 Large Connector Kits
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